Friday, April 16, 2010

RDD FIELD SERVICES Announces Revenues up for 2010

Portland, Oregon – April 16th, 2010 – Privately-held RDD Field Services, a leading provider of data collection to the market research industry, closed out a challenging 2009 with impressive increases to gross revenue and earnings.
“The momentum that RDDFS has gained in the past twelve months validates our continuous improvement business model and speaks to our sustainability in a highly competitive marketplace.” said Scott Vanderbout Chief Operating Officer. “We are pleased to begin to reap the rewards that our reengineering efforts have produced and we believe that we are well positioned for the future”.
With a reputation as an innovative data collection supplier, RDD Field Services logs over 180,000 hours annually conducting telephone and web studies, gathering vital business information for an impressive client list. “Our experience helps prepare us to anticipate and communicate challenges very early in the process, and that allows us to meet our clients project requirements accurately, on deadline and within budget," said Steve Prether, Director of Operations.
The company is on track to post another solid quarter in Q1 2010, and has launched two new social media sites with Facebook and Twitter. Further expansion into emerging media is expected later this year as RDDFS continues to gain visibility and grow market share.

RDD FIELD SERVICES Announces New Social Networking Sites

Portland, Oregon – April 16th, 2010 RDD Field Services is proud to announce the expansion of their Internet presence with the launch of two new corporate social networking pages on Facebook and Twitter. RDD Field Services will have the ability to reach out and connect with clients and prospects with greater information and assistance on market research issues than can be offered through the RDDFS website.

“Our commitment to quality has allowed us to thrive in the market research industry for over fourteen years. Our venture into social networking is the next step in getting the word out about RDDFS,” said Scott Vanderbout, COO of RDDFS. "We work with a wide variety of research firms, both large and small, gathering opinions from consumers, business decision makers, voters, customers or employees on an endless variety of topics. Our new emphasis on customer contact through social networking will allow us to not only connect with prospects and clients, but also seek research data more easily."

RDDFS logs over 180,000 hours annually asking questions and gathering information using a best practices model of continuous improvement. Their experience helps prepare them to anticipate and communicate challenges early in the process allowing for the on-time completion of their clients' project specifications accurately, on deadline and within budget constraints.

“Social Media and Networking are the modern-day business communication methods and we want to continue to be a leader in the market research industry,” Vanderbout offered. "In today's economy, it is vital for companies to not only stay on the cutting-edge of their market, but also use the most advanced communication methods to connect with clients, prospects and their market while providing highly valuable information."

Being a first choice supplier of quality professional data services to the market research industry, from CATI to web programming, telephone data collection to response coding, their team of research professionals works together to provide clients with clean, actionable answers to complex research questions.

Staying within their mission of providing impeccable service through creative, simple and effective solutions, the inclusion of a greater social networking presence will undoubtedly keep RDDFS the leader in front of their competition and continue to deliver a greater return on investment for their client's research dollars.

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